Our solution provides fleet operators an edge over their competitors, allowing them to have better control and understanding of their assets with the use of telematics data and our easy to use platform.

Use our API with your telematics data to integrate with your management systems and third-party services. There’s no end to the possibilities, including advanced routing and scheduling, specialized mobile applications, cameras and more.

How often do customers call to inquire when their delivery will arrive?

With the Precise Fleet Tracking unit installed, the location of the vehicle is easily determined while the customer is still on the phone. You will know if they are still serving another client or if they are in route to the next customer.

Have you considered the cost to your business when your drivers pass each other on the expressway?

With the Precise Fleet Tracking unit, you can identify the closest driver to a specific address with only a couple clicks of the mouse. Save time, save fuel, serve your customers faster.

Do your employees drive your company vehicles 数字币最新排行home after their shift? If so, are you reporting this correctly to the IRS?

With the Precise Fleet Tracking unit, you can accurately identify the Business Miles from Personal Miles. Accurately reporting these details on your Income Tax could save you thousands of dollars in penalties. Don’t get caught estimating your miles, have the solid facts.