Personal Tracking

There are many reasons why someone might need a Personal Tracker. Precise Fleet Tracking has a wide range of devices to meet your needs. These units are small, approximately the size of a deck of cards and the battery operated units can last for years.

Elderly Adults

If you have an elderly adult that may still be capable of being independent but may need a little help, the Precise Fleet Tracking device can let you know when they are ‘on the move’ or if they leave their 数字币最新排行home or travel outside their normal area. Memory loss is a scary condition. Helping keep them safe and yet independent with technology from Precise Fleet Tracking.


Teenage Drivers

New drivers have a lot to learn once they start driving. The best way to set good habits is to know how the teenagers are driving, when their parents are not with them. A GPS Tracking device from Precise Fleet Tracking can provide the parents with the confidence in their child’s driving habits and allow the parent to coach and counsel the child to drive better, if necessary. Setting solid habits at an early age will produce a better and safer overall driver.


Children Tracking

In today’s environment, we can never be too careful. With a battery powered tracking unit from Precise Fleet Tracking, you can know where your child and their backpack is located, at the click of your mouse. How much is your Peace of Mind worth?