How to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Vehicles by YEARS

Commercial vehicles often last 4-6 years ... but what if you were able to get 7 or 8 years out of each vehicle? Multiply the cost you spend to get a truck on the road by the number of trucks you have on the road today. Extend that number across the years you operate your business. The investment in vehicles is staggering!

Save Time and Money

As discussed in previous editions, commercial vehicles are expensive to purchase and operate. Fuel is expensive and prices are climbing. Hybrid and electric vehicles are coming, but today’s reality is that gasoline and diesel vehicles are the standard. No business wants to constantly replace vehicles—they are expensive depreciating assets, not to mention the time it takes to order and receive the vehicle, apply any graphic wraps, and equip each vehicle.

Ideal Maintenance Schedule

Every quality mechanic will tell you the best way to extend the life of your vehicles is to perform regular maintenance—oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotations, coolant flushes, etc. If you have a fleet of 10 or 15 vehicles, monitoring the mileage of each vehicle in order to schedule recommended maintenance at the correct intervals can be a daunting task, and frankly, a fairly low priority item when you are running your business.

Stop manually tracking each vehicle's mileage and maintenance needs with automated Maintenance Monitoring by Precise Fleet Tracking Solutions.

Maintenance Monitoring provided by Precise Fleet Tracking Solutions takes the burden off of your shoulders. Simply receive a notification every time a vehicle’s mileage is approaching your predetermined maintenance window. This is a very easy way to extend the life of your vehicles, putting money back into your business each and every month!