Potentially Lower Your Insurance Rate

How to Lower Your Insurance Rate

As discussed in previous editions, commercial vehicles are expensive to purchase and operate. One area that challenges many businesses is the cost of insurance; it’s hard to know if you’re choosing the “right” insurance carrier with the “right” coverage. However, there are a few things every business can do to improve their insurability by lowering their risk.

Updated Employee Handbook

Every business should have an Employee Handbook. For those businesses that have a fleet of vehicles, a section on acceptable use of the company vehicles must be included. This section should include expectations regarding the use of seat belts (by drivers and passengers), the use of a cellphone while driving, eating while driving, etc. This section should also specify if the vehicle can be driven to the employee’s 数字币最新排行home at the end of the day, and whether or not a spouse can drive the vehicle.

Monitor Compliance and Record Evidence

Setting the correct expectations with employees is important, but execution is critical. Keep in mind, reducing accidents is the way you save the most on insurance premiums. So, setting the drivers’ expectations is only the first step. You also need to monitor compliance of those expectations. With the use of a drivecam solution, not only will the business have video proof in the event of an accident, the driver-facing view will also show what was occurring in the vehicle at the same time. This evidence aids in protecting employees, managing policy compliance, reducing accidents, minimizing injuries, and potentially reducing insurance premiums.

Check out the drivecam solution in this 73-second video.

Watch this 73 second video clip

Save the most on fleet vehicle insurance premiums by reducing accidents.

There are a few key components in a drivecam solution that many insurance carriers typically require to extend a reduction in insurance premiums. These components may include live video, video stored in the cloud, and artificial intelligence; check with your insurance carrier for details of your coverage. For more details on a fully compliant GPS Video Tracking drivecam solution, please contact Precise Fleet Tracking Solutions for a full analysis and demonstration.

How to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Vehicles by YEARS

Commercial vehicles often last 4-6 years ... but what if you were able to get 7 or 8 years out of each vehicle? Multiply the cost you spend to get a truck on the road by the number of trucks you have on the road today. Extend that number across the years you operate your business. The investment in vehicles is staggering!

Save Time and Money

As discussed in previous editions, commercial vehicles are expensive to purchase and operate. Fuel is expensive and prices are climbing. Hybrid and electric vehicles are coming, but today’s reality is that gasoline and diesel vehicles are the standard. No business wants to constantly replace vehicles—they are expensive depreciating assets, not to mention the time it takes to order and receive the vehicle, apply any graphic wraps, and equip each vehicle.

Ideal Maintenance Schedule

Every quality mechanic will tell you the best way to extend the life of your vehicles is to perform regular maintenance—oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotations, coolant flushes, etc. If you have a fleet of 10 or 15 vehicles, monitoring the mileage of each vehicle in order to schedule recommended maintenance at the correct intervals can be a daunting task, and frankly, a fairly low priority item when you are running your business.

Stop manually tracking each vehicle's mileage and maintenance needs with automated Maintenance Monitoring by Precise Fleet Tracking Solutions.

Maintenance Monitoring provided by Precise Fleet Tracking Solutions takes the burden off of your shoulders. Simply receive a notification every time a vehicle’s mileage is approaching your predetermined maintenance window. This is a very easy way to extend the life of your vehicles, putting money back into your business each and every month!

How to Deter Thieves and Reduce Risk

When fleet vehicles are on the road, they are a rolling billboard advertising your business. The hope is that your prospects will see your vehicle and call you for your services. This is powerful and very cost-effective. However, having your business information on the side of the vehicle can also be a beacon for less-scrupulous individuals who believe you have valuable items (tools, parts, etc.) they want.

Protect Your Assets

Commercial vehicles are an expensive asset. Each vehicle can run $25,000 –$40,000+, plus thousands of dollars in tolls, parts and equipment, plus a vehicle wrap ... it adds up!

In this 50-second video, you will see a plumber’s van compromised as a thief breaks in to steal a $2,000 jackhammer. He and his “crew” are in and out in less than fifty seconds.

Video Footage of Theft

If you have a vehicle that carries expensive parts or equipment, and your logo is emblazoned on the side, you need protection beyond standard equipment locks.

In this particular case, the owner invested in GPS Video Tracking services from Precise Fleet Tracking Solutions and the camera equipment captured the crime. The video footage was provided to the local police department for investigation. Having video tracking devices installed can aid in the recovery of stolen equipment, deter criminals once they realize they are being recorded and, in many cases, potentially help reduce insurance premiums due to a reduction in overall risks.

Precise Fleet Tracking Interview on 1160AM Radio - Chicago

Precise Fleet Tracking is on the Air! Liz Goodchild interviewed Michael Drelicharz, President of Precise Fleet Tracking Solutions for more than 30 minutes. During the discussion, details were shared regarding how vehicle tracking benefits virtually any type of company that has commercial vehicles on the road… Listen to the segment by clicking this link https://youtu.be/rCzlUC9H-T4