Utilizing the Driver Behavior Dashboard allows you to improve the performance of your drivers to promote safety and improve profitability. Safer driving helps improve every aspect of your business. Improved driving knowledge leads to less wear and tear on your vehicles, resulting in reduced maintenance cost and depreciation. This may also reduce the risk of an accident, fatality, injury or damage to company vehicles.

Are your drivers driving appropriately?

With Precise Fleet Tracking unit installed driver behavior details are captured.

  • Speeding —

    • Speeding tickets are expensive, even if your employee pays for their own tickets.

    • While the ticket being written, the driver is losing at least 15 minutes of productivity.

    • Speeding is closely tied to reckless driving which means hitting more potholes which could damage suspension parts, hard braking to stop or slow down wears out the brakes faster

  • Idling Time —

    • At today’s fuel costs, every hour of idling wastes 1 to 1.5 gallons of fuel.

    • If the vehicle idles 15 extra minutes per appointment or stop, how many hours per week did your vehicles idle?

  • Rapid Acceleration —

    • Closely related to speeding. Rapid acceleration including wheel-spin wears out the tires, wastes fuel and can lead to an accident.

    • Squealing tires draws unwanted and negative attention to your vehicle that has your logo all over it. Is this the type of attention you want for your company?

  • Harsh Braking/Hard Cornering —

    • When the driver speeds, they typically have to brake more harshly than necessary and often times corner to rapidly. This causes unnecessary wear on the brake pads and can result in more accidents than normal driving.

Receiving information about the driver behavior allows for training and coaching to minimize unnecessary repairs and accidents.